Delaware homeowners may neglect tree trimming, thinking it isn’t essential. However, giving your trees a regular trim is vital for their health and longevity.

Landscaping trees add beauty and value to your property; maintenance is essential to protect that value. 

Here are four reasons why pruning your trees are essential. 

1: Tree Appearance

Untrimmed trees can grow to look unbalanced and ugly. Branches may sprout in strange directions, and this uneven growth can make your trees appear bedraggled.

Trimming is essential for planting trees to boost a property’s appeal.

2: Landscape Aesthetics

When you don’t regularly trim trees, the aesthetics of your landscape can be affected.

Densely packed branches can block the sun and prevent rain from reaching the grass and flowers growing under trees, inhibiting their growth. Regular tree trimming ensures enough sunlight and moisture get through the branches. 

3: Tree Health

Overgrowth negatively affects the health of a tree. Trees can become weaker and less likely to survive without trimming.

Trimming for tree health is often referred to as pruning, and it involves removing branches that are diseased, infested, or interfering with healthy growth. 

4: Safety

Trees with dead, diseased, or infested branches pose a significant risk. In heavy winds or a severe storm, the limbs can fall easily and damage your property and home. 

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