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10 Red Flags Your Tree is Begging to be Removed: Don’t Ignore Them!


Apr 26, 2023


Is your tree looking sickly or posing a safety hazard? Check out these 10 signs to determine if it’s time to remove it. Don’t wait until it’s too late!  Are you concerned about the health and safety of the trees on your property? Keeping a close eye on their condition is essential to ensure they’re not dangerous to your home or family. 


Sometimes, a tree may need to be removed to prevent it from causing harm. 


Feel free to contact Strobert Tree Services if you notice these signs. Our team has been serving Wilmington, Delaware, since 2000 and can provide  expert tree removal services to keep your property safe.


Here are 10 signs that your tree may need removal: 


  1. Leaning: A leaning tree is a sure sign that it needs to be removed. Suppose a tree relies too much on a specific direction. In that case, it can indicate that its roots are damaged or structurally unsound.
  2. Decay: If your tree has started to decay or rot, it may be time to remove it. Corrosion can be caused by insects, disease, or old age and can weaken the tree to the point where it may fall over.
  3. Dead branches: Dead branches are a sign that your tree is distressed. These branches can fall off if left unchecked, causing damage or injury.
  4. Cracks: If you notice cracks in your tree’s trunk or major branches, it may be time to remove them. Cracks can indicate structural damage and may lead to the tree breaking apart in strong winds.
  5. Fungus or mushrooms: The fungus or mushrooms growing on your tree suggests it is decaying. This can result from disease or old age, weakening the tree to the point where it may fall over.
  6. Multiple trunks: Trees with multiple trunks are more likely to fall over in strong winds or storms. If your tree has more than one trunk, it may be time to remove it.
  7. Root damage: If your tree has suffered root damage, it may be time to remove it. Root damage can be caused by construction, changes in soil conditions, or disease and can weaken the tree to the point where it may fall over.
  8. Too close to structures: If your tree is too close to a structure, such as your home or garage, it may need removal. Trees can cause damage to structures if they fall over or if their roots cause damage to the foundation.
  9. Pest infestation: If your tree is infested with pests, such as termites or carpenter ants, it may be time to remove it. These pests can cause damage to the tree, weakening it to the point where it may fall over.
  10. Age: Like all living things, trees have a lifespan. If your tree is old and starting to show signs of decline, it may be time to remove it. Trees that are past their prime are more likely to fall over in strong winds or storms.


Suppose you notice any of the 10 signs that your tree needs to be removed. In that case, it is essential to take action immediately to ensure the safety of your property and loved ones. 


Contact Strobert Tree Services in Wilmington, Delaware, and let our experts assess your tree and determine the best action. Be sure to call us today at 302-742-1172 and get peace of mind knowing that professionals are handling your tree removal needs.


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