Tree Removal Services

At Strobert Tree Services, we understand the importance of preserving the beauty of your landscape while removing hazardous or unwanted trees. Our low-impact tree removal option uses advanced crane technology to lift trees from the removal area to the processing area without causing any damage to your lawn, planting beds, or walkways.

Our specialized equipment can operate up to 170 feet away, making it an exclusive service only we offer. All our equipment is fully owned and operated by Strobert's highly trained professionals, ensuring the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

Get a quote for your low-impact tree removal option today and ensure your landscape remains beautiful and undamaged.

Low-impact tree removal by Strobert Tree Services using a crane to safely lift and remove trees near houses without damaging lawns or walkways

Watch the video to see how our low-impact crane can safely remove trees up to 170 feet away! Click the play button to see our low-impact tree removal in action!

Tree Removal

Although there is no denying the benefits of healthy trees throughout our landscapes, there are times when tree removal is necessary. As trees are exposed to environmental factors like insects, diseases and heavy storms they can become hazardous to our home and the surrounding area.

Removing a tree that is in decline can be very dangerous and should be completed by a fully licensed and insured tree removal company. It is important to keep in mind that each tree removal service is unique. Strobert has a full fleet of specialized equipment to handle any removal safely and efficiently. Tree removal cost can vary from property to property depending on the access to the site, the piece of equipment needed and the overall health of the tree.

Tree Removal Services

What to expect when having a tree removal completed by Strobert Tree Services, Inc.

  • Your first crew will be out to remove the tree. Please know that this crew has an experienced climber and a foreman who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
  • Our log crew will typically follow the next business day to remove the larger pieces of wood to be recycled off-site into reusable materials, as we are a green company!
  • A stump grinding crew will grind all stumps.
  • Finally, a crew will dig grindings to grade and clean up final debris, if specified on the signed proposal. This crew will also apply topsoil and seed to any disturbed areas in your lawn. Watering the seed is the responsibility of the homeowner and is not under warranty with Strobert Tree Services.
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When tree removal is done by Strobert Tree, we take great care to minimize any potential damage to your property.
Tree Removal Services - Strobert Tree

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need to remove a tree?
Tree removal may be necessary for various reasons, including dead or dying trees that pose safety hazards, trees with extensive damage from storms or diseases, trees that are obstructing construction or development plans, or trees that are causing damage to property or infrastructure.
How is tree removal carried out?
Tree removal is a complex process that involves assessing the tree's condition, planning the removal strategy, and utilizing specialized equipment and techniques. Professional arborists typically perform tree removal using a combination of cutting, climbing, and rigging to ensure the safe and efficient removal of the tree.
Will the tree removal process damage my property?
When tree removal is done by experienced professionals, they take great care to minimize any potential damage to your property. They use proper rigging techniques to lower branches and sections of the tree safely, and if needed, they may use large equipment that can remove trees from a distance without causing damage to lawns or other structures.
Do I need a permit to remove a tree?
The need for a permit to remove a tree varies depending on local regulations and ordinances. Some municipalities require permits for the removal of certain tree species or for trees of a certain size. It's best to check with your local government or consult with a tree service company to determine if a permit is necessary in your area.
Can I replant a tree after removal?
 Yes, if you wish to replant a tree after removal, it is certainly possible. Depending on the reason for the removal, you can select a new tree that is more suitable for your property and have it planted in a location that meets the necessary requirements for its growth. Consulting with an arborist can help you choose the right tree and ensure proper planting practices.