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Strobert's local expertise and dedication to excellence have made us a trusted name in tree care throughout Southern Delaware. As a family-owned local business, we understand the unique communities and  ecosystems of Southern Delaware, and we bring this specialized knowledge to every aspect of our tree care services. Our commitment to reliability, trust, and professionalism is at the core of our operations, ensuring that each project, from tree pruning to removal, is handled with the utmost care and precision.

At Strobert's Georgetown office, we pride ourselves on our keen understanding of the diverse ecosystems that make Southern Delaware unique. Our team of certified arborists and tree care experts is not only highly skilled but also deeply familiar with the local environment. This expertise allows us to provide tailored solutions that are specifically designed to meet the needs of the trees and landscapes in our community. Whether it's managing coastal tree species or addressing the specific challenges of rural and urban trees, our approach is always informed by a deep respect for the local ecology.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is unwavering. We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients, focusing on personalized service and a customer-first mindset that continues long after our work is complete. At Strobert Tree Services, we don’t just care for trees; we understand and respect them as integral parts of Southern Delaware’s unique natural tapestry. Experience the Strobert difference where your trees are in knowledgeable and caring hands.

Tree Removal
Our experienced arborists excel in safely and efficiently removing hazardous or unwanted trees, attentively preserving your landscape's health and aesthetics. We expertly balance safety with environmental impact, ensuring your property's wellbeing with every tree removal.
Stump Grinding
Our efficient stump removal service not only boosts your property's aesthetics but also eliminates safety hazards. With advanced techniques, we ensure complete removal, paving the way for healthier soil and new landscaping possibilities.
Our expert arborists focus on improving your trees' structural integrity and shape, promoting their health for sustained growth and lasting beauty. With advanced care techniques, we ensure your trees not only survive but flourish, becoming vibrant, enduring features of your landscape.
Plant Health Care
Our specialized plant care includes detailed health assessments, customized nutrient plans, and strategic pest control, ensuring your trees and plants thrive in a vibrant, healthy landscape.
Using cutting-edge cabling techniques, we strengthen weakened or damaged trees, reducing limb failure risk and preserving their beauty, ensuring safety and maintaining the natural elegance of your landscape.
Storm Damage
Our team swiftly responds to severe weather impacts on trees, providing thorough assessments, repairs, and restorations with a focus on safety and risk reduction. We not only address immediate damages but also fortify trees against future events, ensuring the long-term health and safety of your property.
Strobert Tree Services' Large Crane Tree Removal in Sussex County, DE
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Setting the Standard in tree care

Why We're Southern Delaware's First Choice for Tree Service

ISA-Certified Arborists specializing in plant health care and sustainability
Our ISA-Certified Arborists are passionately committed to plant health care and sustainability. They work diligently to secure the enduring health of your trees and the environment, focusing on long-term ecological well-being.
Locally owned and operated
Being a locally owned and operated business, we have a deep connection with our community and its distinctive needs, allowing us to offer tailor-made tree care solutions with a personal touch.
Cutting-edge equipment
Armed with state-of-the-art tools and equipment, we harness the most advanced industry techniques to provide superior tree care services, ensuring outstanding results.
FREE no obligation consultations with our experts
We provide complimentary, no-obligation consultations with our expert arborists, offering you essential insights and customized advice for the care of your trees.
24-hour emergency tree services
Our 24-hour emergency tree services are always at the ready, providing swift and reliable responses to any urgent tree-related situations, ensuring the safety of your family and property.
Fully licensed, bonded and insured
Enjoy peace of mind knowing we are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company. Our credentials reflect our dedication to providing professional, reliable, and safe tree care services, ensuring top-quality work and protection for your property and our team.
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Your Reliable Partner for Unmatched Service in Southern Delaware

At Strobert Tree Services, we prioritize excellent communication with our customers, ensuring that every step of the tree care process is clearly communicated, backed by our commitment to safety training and a dedication to never leaving a customer unsatisfied, resulting in exceptional service you can rely on.

Excellent Communication
We maintain open and clear communication with our customers at every stage of the tree care process, promptly addressing their questions and concerns to ensure they remain informed and involved.
Safety training
Ensuring safety is paramount for us, and we ensure this by providing our arborists with thorough training in industry best practices. This approach significantly reduces risks and guarantees a secure working environment for both our team and our valued customers.
Never leaving a customer unsatisfied
At the heart of our values is customer satisfaction, and we are committed to not just meeting but exceeding expectations. Our dedication ensures that no customer is ever left unsatisfied, as we continually strive to deliver service that goes above and beyond.
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We offer 24/7 emergency service and have agents available to help with your tree care needs in Southern Delaware.

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Client Reviews

What our clients in Southern Delaware are saying:

Daulton Weit.png

Meet an arborist

Meet Daulton Weit! Daulton received his degree in Horticulture from Williamson College of the Trades in Media, PA. He has served clients and their plants for the past 14 years. Plants have always been a passion of Daulton’s, especially since he is a fifth-generation plantsman.

“When I’m not taking care of trees, I can be found outside fishing or gardening in my yard with my dogs in Milton, DE, where I reside. I look forward to assisting everyone with their tree care needs.”

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Commercial project Strobert Tree
Commercial project Strobert Tree
Commercial project Strobert Tree
Commercial project Strobert Tree
Commercial project Strobert Tree
Commercial project Strobert Tree
Commercial project Strobert Tree

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a professional tree service?
Hiring a professional tree service ensures the safety and health of your trees. Professionals have the expertise, experience, and equipment required to handle tree-related tasks safely and effectively.
What are the signs that a tree needs to be removed?
There are several signs to look out for, including severe damage or decay, extensive leaning, multiple dead branches, significant insect or disease infestation, and proximity to structures or power lines that pose a risk.
Is tree removal dangerous?
Yes, tree removal can be dangerous, especially for large or compromised trees. It involves working at heights, using specialized equipment, and assessing potential hazards. Hiring professionals minimizes the risks and ensures the job is done safely.
What is stump grinding?
Stump grinding is the process of removing a tree stump after the tree has been cut down. It involves using a specialized machine to grind the stump into wood chips, effectively eliminating the remaining stump.
How often should pruning be done?
The frequency of pruning depends on the tree species, its age, and its specific needs. In general, pruning is recommended every 2-3 years to maintain tree health, promote proper growth, and remove dead or diseased branches.
What is cabling and why is it necessary?
Cabling involves the installation of supportive cables or braces in trees to provide additional structural support. It is often necessary for trees with weak or split branches or trunks, helping to reduce the risk of branch failure and tree damage.
What is plant care for trees?
Plant care encompasses a range of services aimed at maintaining the health and vitality of trees. It includes regular watering, fertilization, mulching, pest control, and disease management to promote tree growth and longevity.
What is low-impact tree removal?
Low-impact tree removal refers to the use of specialized equipment that minimizes the disruption to the surrounding landscape. This equipment allows trees to be safely removed from a distance without causing damage to lawns, gardens, or structures.

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