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Welcome to Delaware's premier Tree Service Company! Our Wilmington office is our flagship location and serves as HQ for our team of expert arborists based in and around New Castle County. 

Tree Removal
Trees that hang over houses, or drop dead branches unannounced can be a serious threat to your family and finances. Our skilled arborists provide safe and efficient tree removal services, ensuring the removal of hazardous or unwanted trees. We work quickly and efficiently, employing specialized techniques to maximize safety and minimize damage to your property.
Stump Grinding
Trees fall down all the time for all kinds of reasons. Like in July from intense Mid-Atlantic thunderstorms, or 80 years ago before you bought your house for unknown reasons. When they do, they often leave a stump that can haunt your mower decks and ankles. We effectively remove tree stumps, enhancing the aesthetics of your property and eliminating tripping hazards. We chip them into mulch which we can take away, or leave with you.
Wilmington is home to some truly outstanding properties with very diverse plant life. And its temperate climate provides excellent growing conditions to a large range of trees, bushes, and shrubs. Whether you have a high-maintenance arboretum on your property, or just some trees encroaching on your driveway, our arborists have the know-how to get you straightened out. We enhance the structural integrity, shape, and overall health of your trees, ensuring their long-term growth and beauty.
Plant Health Care
Trees in Wilmington and New Castle County may be vulnerable to a multitude of blights, plagues, and infestations, from ants and termites to fungus, ash-borer, and spotted lanternfly. Our plant care services involve in-depth assessments, nutrient management, and pest control strategies, ensuring the health and longevity of your trees and plants.
Wilmington is full of huge, beautiful old trees that need extra care and maintenance. Utilizing advanced cabling techniques, we provide structural support to weakened or damaged trees, as well as those who have begun to outgrow their strength. You may see examples of cabling in many yards and parks around town, such as Rockford Park. Cables help shift the weight of unstable branches to be shared by stronger parts of the tree, mitigating the risk of limb failure and preserving trees' natural beauty.
Storm Damage
Wilmington saw some heavy storms this summer, and many of our venerable trees took a beating. Strobert was very busy cleaning up neighborhoods, cutting up trees, and removing stumps. Our team of arborists provides prompt and efficient services to assess, repair, and restore trees impacted by severe weather, prioritizing safety and minimizing further risks. With more severe weather forecasted in the coming years, Strobert will be ever more vital to keeping our home community safe and beautiful.
Strobert Tree Services' Large Crane Tree Removal in New Castle County DE
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Setting the Standard

Why We're New Castle County's Premier Choice for Tree Care

ISA-Certified Arborists specializing in plant health care and sustainability
Our ISA-Certified Arborists focus on sustainable plant health care, employing the latest eco-friendly practices to ensure the vitality of your trees and the environmental balance. This approach combines advanced, non-invasive techniques with ongoing education in arboriculture, promoting long-term tree health and ecological sustainability.
Locally Owned and Operated Tree Service
As a business deeply embedded in the Wilmington community, we have a unique understanding of New Castle County's specific tree care needs. Our local roots enable us to offer customized solutions that resonate with our neighbors. We're more than service providers; we're part of the community, ensuring each project reflects the individual character of the area. 
Professional Equipment
With advanced tools and the latest arboricultural techniques, we provide top-tier tree care. Our team's continuous training and innovative approach ensure efficient, precise service for healthier, thriving trees.
FREE No-Obligation Consultations with our Experts
Our free consultations with expert arborists offer personalized insights and advice tailored to your trees' needs. These sessions cover health, safety, and aesthetic concerns, equipping you with knowledge to make informed decisions for optimal tree care.
24-Hour Emergency Tree Services
Rely on our 24-hour emergency tree services for rapid, effective response to urgent tree issues, ensuring your safety and property protection. Our expert team is always ready to address tree hazards with the latest tools and safety protocols, providing peace of mind around the clock.
Fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured
Have confidence in our fully licensed, bonded, and insured tree care services, ensuring professional, safe, and reliable work. Our qualifications mean your property is protected, and our commitment to excellence guarantees top-quality service and peace of mind in every job we undertake.
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Your Reliable Partner for Unmatched Service

At Strobert Tree, we prioritize excellent communication with our customers, ensuring that every step of the tree care process is clearly communicated, backed by our commitment to safety training and a dedication to never leaving a customer unsatisfied, resulting in exceptional service you can rely on.

Excellent Communication
We keep our customers informed and engaged throughout the tree care process, ensuring that all their questions and concerns are promptly addressed.
Safety training
Safety is our top priority, and our arborists undergo rigorous training to adhere to industry best practices, minimizing risks and ensuring a safe working environment for both our team and our customers.
Never leaving a customer unsatisfied
Customer satisfaction is at the core of our values, and we go above and beyond to meet and exceed expectations, never leaving a customer unsatisfied and always striving to provide exceptional service.
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Meet an arborist

Joe Maska joined the Strobert team with over 20 years of experience in arboriculture and horticulture. As an ISA-certified arborist with multiple certificates from Longwood Gardens, he has the hands-on knowledge and the education to give his clients the best options for their tree care. 
“ My mission is to provide my clients with the knowledge they deserve to make informed decisions about the services they need”
Joe resides in Wilmington, Delaware, with his wife, Gabrielle, and their three sons, Jack, Everett, and Wesley. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, fly fishing, playing guitar, and spending time with family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a professional tree service?
Hiring a professional tree service ensures the safety and health of your trees. Professionals have the expertise, experience, and equipment required to handle tree-related tasks safely and effectively.
What are the signs that a tree needs to be removed?
There are several signs to look out for, including severe damage or decay, extensive leaning, multiple dead branches, significant insect or disease infestation, and proximity to structures or power lines that pose a risk.
Is tree removal dangerous?
Yes, tree removal can be dangerous, especially for large or compromised trees. It involves working at heights, using specialized equipment, and assessing potential hazards. Hiring professionals minimizes the risks and ensures the job is done safely.
What is stump grinding?
Stump grinding is the process of removing a tree stump after the tree has been cut down. It involves using a specialized machine to grind the stump into wood chips, effectively eliminating the remaining stump.
How often should pruning be done?
The frequency of pruning depends on the tree species, its age, and its specific needs. In general, pruning is recommended every 2-3 years to maintain tree health, promote proper growth, and remove dead or diseased branches.
What is cabling and why is it necessary?
Cabling involves the installation of supportive cables or braces in trees to provide additional structural support. It is often necessary for trees with weak or split branches or trunks, helping to reduce the risk of branch failure and tree damage.
What is plant care for trees?
Plant care encompasses a range of services aimed at maintaining the health and vitality of trees. It includes regular watering, fertilization, mulching, pest control, and disease management to promote tree growth and longevity.
What is low-impact tree removal?
Low-impact tree removal refers to the use of specialized equipment that minimizes the disruption to the surrounding landscape. This equipment allows trees to be safely removed from a distance without causing damage to lawns, gardens, or structures.

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