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How to Safely Decorate Outdoor Trees

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When the festive seasons approach, or you want to enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space, decorating trees can be an excellent addition. However, it's crucial to do so without harming these natural beauties. At Strobert Tree Services, we are committed to the health and longevity of your trees, offering expert tree care across Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Here, we'll guide you through the essential steps to attach decorations such as lights, birdhouses, and artistic signs to your trees without causing damage.


Understanding Tree Health

Before beginning any decoration project, it's essential to understand that the wrong methods can harm a tree's bark, branches, or root system. The bark is a tree's protective barrier against the external environment, and any breach in this protection can make a tree vulnerable to diseases and pests.


1. Choosing the Right Decorations


To safely decorate your trees with lights:


  • Use LED Lights: LEDs are lighter, emit less heat, and consume less energy, reducing the risk of harming the tree's bark.
  • Avoid Nails or Staples: Never use staples or nails to attach lights to trees. Instead, opt for plastic clips or hangers designed for use on trees. These are gentle on the bark and easy to remove.
  • Do Not Wrap Tightly: When wrapping lights around the tree, keep them loose to allow room for the tree's growth. Tight wrappings can constrict the tree and damage the bark.



Birdhouses are a charming addition to any garden and can be safely installed in trees:


  • Select Lightweight Materials: Choose birdhouses from lightweight materials like cedar or pine.
  • Use a Tree Strap or a Rubber Pad: To mount the birdhouse, use flexible straps or a mounting system with a rubber pad to prevent damage to the bark.
  • Place Strategically: Ensure the birdhouse is high enough to be safe from predators but accessible for maintenance.

Signs and Art

When adding signs or other artistic elements:


  • Avoid Penetrating the Bark: Use signs of lightweight materials and attach them with straps or corrosion-resistant wires that can be loosened over time to accommodate tree growth.
  • Consider the Placement: Avoid placing decorations on younger or smaller trees that may not be able to support the weight or stress.

2. Preparing the Tree

Clean the area of the tree where you plan to place decorations. Removing dirt, moss, or small insects can prevent disease and ensure the decorations do not trap moisture against the bark.


3. Attaching the Decorations

Always ensure that any method used to attach decorations does not penetrate the bark deeply:


  • Clipping Lights: Use the appropriate size of plastic clips for your lights and gently attach them around the branches.
  • Hanging Birdhouses: Secure the straps around the trunk or sturdy branches without tightening too much.
  • Mounting Signs: Attach carefully, ensuring not to excessively tighten any wires or straps.

4. Regular Inspection and Adjustment

Once your decorations are up, regularly check and adjust them to accommodate growth and prevent damage. This includes loosening straps or wires and replacing any worn-out materials.


5. Post-Decoration Care

After removing the decorations, inspect the tree for signs of stress or damage. If you notice any problems, consult a professional arborist.


Contact Strobert Tree Services

For any further advice or professional tree care services, including pruning and maintenance, contact Strobert Tree Services. Our team of experts is equipped to handle all your tree-related needs in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Decorating your trees can be a delightful experience, but always prioritize the health and safety of the trees. You can enjoy beautifully decorated outdoor spaces with the right approach without compromising tree well-being.


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