Tree Care

Do What Your Trees Need Doing This Spring


Mar 22, 2021


For plants, spring is the time to carry out checkups and deal with underlying tree and shrub healthcare issues. It’s a long winter and time to see how they have weathered the season.


If you’re in Pennsylvania’s Delaware County, then Strobert Tree Services is here to take care of all your needs. We can work throughout the area, whether Brookhaven/Upland, Drexel Hill, Glen Mills, Media, Newtown Township, Swarthmore, or any of the communities near them.


Here are the four primary things we’ll do when giving your trees the once over:


  • Examine the ground around each tree to find signs of root decay like fungus or other common culprits of rot (such as poor drainage). Spring is a good time to see where standing water may linger and, possibly, undermine root systems (and subsequently require some landscaping to make sure water keeps moving rather than stagnating around trees). It’s also not unusual for spring to show bulges in the soil that can be a sign that a tree is starting to lean prior to falling.

  • Look for cracks or wounds on tree trunks that give witness to disease or structural issues. The growth of mushrooms on roots or bark can also be a sign of rot developing.

  • If leaves have started developing, take a good look at leaf growth for signs of disease or insect infiltration. Discoloration or uneven growth can be a sign that specific fertilizers need to be added to the soil to even-out the nutritional requirements of individual trees.

  • Inspect branches and limbs, especially the junctures close to the trunk and major limbs. Weaknesses can be discerned and corrective action, like pruning and thinning, taken. This work will not only make a tree healthier over the long haul but also remove the potential danger of falling chunks of wood that can cause severe damage (after gravity has taken control and caused havoc down below).

Finding such signs of concern can usually be dealt with through the tried and true methodology of arborists. We understand how to treat most maladies trees suffer from, whether that be soil nutrient fortification, judicious pruning, or other forms of treatment.


A situation that cannot be remedied—such as an aged or deeply diseased tree that cannot be saved—is also in our wheelhouse. We provide the full range of tree cutting, stump grinding, and debris removal for both residential and business clients.


Spring is also the best time to not only plant new trees, but also mulch shrubs and trees. This conserves moisture that is precious during summer dry spells and also fixes organic matter into the soil so it’s there for the tree or shrub over the rest of the growing season. Likewise, we can add the proper slow-release fertilizers for your plants in the spring so that they have what they need to flourish over the summer and autumn months.


Strobert Tree Services is ready to get your spring tree-related chores done anywhere in Delaware County.


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