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Strobert Tree Service in Wayne, PA – Beautify Your Home or Business While Enhancing the Environment


Mar 11, 2023 


If you’re looking for reliable tree services in Wayne, PA, look no further than Strobert Tree Service!

We provide the knowledge and care to keep your trees and shrubs healthy all year-round.


Our experienced arborists use state-of-the-art equipment to safely remove your trees with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment. We are available or residential, commercial and premium kiln dried firewood.


24/7 Emergency Tree Service


When an emergency calls for fast and efficient tree service, Strobert Tree Services is the name you can turn to 24/7 in Wayne, PA.


Our team of experts are always standing by to provide the assistance you need in times of crisis.


We are equipped with the right tools and resources to help you handle any kind of natural disaster or fall season emergency. With our help, your trees will be back in perfect condition in no time!


Expert Tree Trimming and Pruning

Our focus on tree trimming and pruning is to control their growth and shape and encourage them to stay healthy.


Our experts at Strobert Tree Service have the experience needed to safely trim branches and complete other delicate tree maintenance tasks.


Backed by 20 years of experience, you can rest assured that your trees are always looking their best!


Professional Stump Removal Services

Strobert Tree Service is proud to offer professional stump removal services for homeowners in Wayne, PA. After a tree has been cut down, the remaining stump and roots can cause many issues.


We use advanced techniques to safely and efficiently remove stumps from your yard, allowing you to free up space and clear the way for any desired landscaping changes.


Say goodbye to unsightly stumps at your home or business with the help of the experts at Strobert Tree Service! We can also deliver firewood directly to your door so that you don’t have to worry about hauling wood on your own.


Get premium-quality firewood delivered right to your doorstep today!


Contact us today to learn more about stump grinding!


Commercial Landscaping Services

Strobert Tree Service provides outstanding commercial and residential landscaping services to the city of Wayne, PA and the surrounding area.


With experienced arborists and customer service professionals on staff, we guarantee fast, reliable, quality services to ensure a safe and successful project.


Ready to Get Started? Receive a Free Estimate!


We are proud to serve our local communities by caring for trees in need of pruning and removal.


Every job is different. We will help you decide what your best options are.


Our experienced team works quickly to diagnose the problem and provide solutions that benefit the environment at an affordable price.


Meet with a local tree specialist in Wayne, PA to discuss your project and receive a Free Estimate.


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