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Summer Plant Health Care: Expert Insights from Strobert Tree Services

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Summer is a vibrant and dynamic season for plant growth, but it also brings its fair share of challenges. You must implement effective plant healthcare practices to ensure your plants remain healthy and beautiful throughout the summer months. In this article, we have the privilege of consulting the experts at Strobert Tree Services for valuable insights and tips on maintaining optimal plant health during summer.


Trimming and Pruning in the Summer: Promoting Growth and Structure

Summer is an excellent time for trimming and pruning your plants. Strobert Tree Services emphasizes removing dead or damaged branches, promoting better air circulation, and shaping the plant's structure. Trimming excessive growth allows plants to direct their energy toward healthy and robust development. However, it's crucial to consult a professional arborist to ensure that proper pruning techniques are applied to each specific plant type.


Deep Root Tree Fertilization: Nourishing Plant Roots for Vitality

Deep root tree fertilization is highly effective for providing essential nutrients to your plants during the summer. Strobert Tree Services utilizes specialized equipment to inject fertilizers directly into the root zone, ensuring maximum absorption. This process enriches the soil with vital nutrients, supporting healthy root development and overall plant vitality.


Air Spading: Enhancing Soil Conditions for Optimal Growth

In some cases, soil compaction can hinder the growth and health of your plants. Air spading, a technique employed by Strobert Tree Services, involves using compressed air to break up compacted soil and improve its structure. This process enhances oxygen and water penetration, facilitating root growth and nutrient uptake. Air spading is particularly beneficial for plants suffering from soil compaction issues or those situated in high-traffic areas.


Integrated Pest Management (IPM): Keeping Pests at Bay

Pests can wreak havoc on your plants during the summer, but Strobert Tree Services employs a proactive approach to pest control through Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM combines various strategies, including regular monitoring, cultural practices, and targeted treatments, to manage pests effectively while minimizing the use of pesticides. Your plants can thrive in a pest-free environment by identifying and addressing pest issues early on.


Cambistat Growth Regulator: Managing Plant Growth

Excessive plant growth can sometimes become a concern during the summer. Strobert Tree Services employs Cambistat, a growth regulator that helps manage and control plant growth. This environmentally friendly product slows down shoot elongation, reducing the need for excessive pruning while maintaining the plant's natural beauty. Cambistat allows for a more balanced and controlled growth rate, ensuring healthier and more sustainable plant development.


Dormant Oil Applications: Preventing Pest Infestations

Dormant oil applications are an effective preventive measure against pests such as aphids, scales, and mites. Applied during the fixed period, typically in late winter or early spring, dormant oil suffocates overwintering pests and their eggs, reducing the risk of infestations during the summer months. Strobert Tree Services recommends including dormant oil applications as part of your plant health care routine to keep pests in check.


Soil Testing: Optimizing Soil Conditions for Plant Health

Understanding your soil's nutrient composition and pH levels is crucial for maintaining healthy plants. Strobert Tree Services offers professional soil testing services to assess nutrient content, pH balance, and other essential soil properties. Based on the test results, they can provide customized recommendations for soil amendments, ensuring that your plants receive the necessary nutrients for robust growth and vibrant foliage.


Root Collar Excavations: Uncovering Hidden Issues

Root collar excavations are valuable for identifying and addressing potential problems in your plants' root systems. Strobert Tree Services carefully excavates the area around the root collar, inspecting for girdling roots, decay, or other issues hindering proper plant growth. By identifying and resolving these hidden problems, root collar excavations contribute to your plants' long-term health and stability.


Anti-Desiccant Sprays: Protecting Plants from Moisture Loss

Plants can experience excessive moisture loss during hot summer days, leading to dehydration and stress. Strobert Tree Services recommends using anti-desiccant sprays to minimize water loss through the leaves. These sprays create a protective film that reduces evaporation and helps plants retain moisture, safeguarding them against the scorching heat and dry conditions often experienced during the summer.


Invasive Pest Control Programs: Preserving Plant Health and Biodiversity

Invasive pests pose a significant threat to plant health and biodiversity. Strobert Tree Services offers comprehensive invasive pest control programs to identify and manage invasive species that may negatively impact your plants. By controlling and eradicating invasive pests, you can protect your plants' health and longevity while preserving your landscape's ecological balance.


Corrective Pruning: Restoring and Revitalizing Plants

Sometimes, plants may require corrective pruning to address structural issues, remove deadwood, or rejuvenate their appearance. Strobert Tree Services provides expert curative pruning services, carefully assessing each plant's unique needs and implementing precise pruning techniques. Corrective pruning enhances the aesthetic appeal of your plants, promotes healthy growth, and ensures structural integrity.


Strobert Tree Services' Tick and Mosquito Treatment Detail: Creating a Pest-Free Environment

With the arrival of summer, pests like ticks and mosquitoes become more prevalent. Strobert Tree Services offers tick and mosquito treatment services to help you enjoy your outdoor space without the annoyance and health risks associated with these pests. Our expert technicians use safe and effective treatments to control and repel ticks and mosquitoes. Targeting breeding areas and applying environmentally-friendly products, they help create a pest-free environment, allowing you to enjoy your yard and garden fully throughout the summer.


Strobert's Plant Care Program: A Comprehensive Approach to Plant Health

Strobert Tree Services' Plant Care Program is designed to safeguard the beauty and value of your landscape through preventive and curative plant maintenance. Our team is committed to catching plant problems early on and providing the necessary treatments to protect and nurture your plants. The Plant Care Program includes regular inspections to identify potential pest infestations, diseases, or nutrient deficiencies. Strobert Tree Services' experts then develop tailored treatment plans, incorporating environmentally-friendly methods to address these problems. By taking a proactive approach to plant care, they help ensure your landscape's long-term health and vitality.


Thriving Plants, Beautiful Landscapes

Summer plant health care requires a proactive approach to ensure that your plants thrive despite their challenges. With the insights and expertise of Strobert Tree Services, you can implement effective strategies to nurture your plants, enhance their resilience, and maintain the beauty of your landscape. Incorporating these summer plant healthcare tips into your routine allows you to enjoy vibrant and flourishing plants throughout the season.


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