Tree Care

Tree Care In The Summer


Jun 11, 2021 


Summer is the time to lay back and enjoy your yard, including the lush canopy created by your woodlot. But sometimes it’s also the season to bring in a professional tree cutting service to improve its long-term health or deal with immediate issues.


If you have any tree service needs in Delaware, Maryland, or southern Pennsylvania, then Strobert Tree Services is ready and willing to help you care for your trees.


There are good reasons to prune before or after the summer months, and in many cases, we’d recommend that, but that’s not always the case. If a portion of a tree is obviously in distress, with haggard leaves or branches that are clearly no longer active, then cutting them off from the circulatory system of the rest of the tree sooner rather than later is almost always advisable.  Whatever is going on could spread and undermine the health of the entire tree.


Also, a tree that is so healthy that it’s getting too big—as in brushing up against buildings or power lines—should be judiciously cut back before damage occurs. This should be on the “do it now” list.


Another aspect of tree service that can happen in the summer is bracing, which makes trees less susceptible to toppling over in storms. This is a process, overseen by an arborist, where cables are strategically attached to branches to reinforce the tree’s internal structure and drastically reduce the chance that major limbs—or the entire tree—come down in a major wind event.


Summer is also the time to inspect trees for infestation by pests, which sadly is more and more an issue as global trade has made the transport of invasive species more common. The range of bugs both native and invasive runs the gamut from the southern pine beetle to the Asian long-horned beetle, tent caterpillars to gypsy moths—and the dreaded emerald ash borer. As part of tree service in the summer, our team will take a good long look at trees (and shrubs) for any signs that pests have set up shop. If problems are discovered, we’ll do what’s necessary to eradicate them. This includes a range of treatment options—from sprays to injections to careful pruning—that will help trees fight off invaders that can do so much damage so quickly.


Finally, some trees might need more general care, including the application of mulch that will protect roots year-round while preventing drying out in the summer heat. Setting up a watering schedule is also advisable in some instances, especially for trees planted relatively recently or in areas where the soil is not retaining the level of water necessary to keep a tree healthy. We can work out a system that works for you.


If you have trees that might need some attention this summer in the Delaware-Maryland-Pennsylvania Tri-State area—including Delaware County communities like Brookhaven/Upland, Drexel Hill, Glen Mills, Media, Newtown Township, Swarthmore—then give Strobert Tree Services a call.


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