Tree Care

Trees Make a Property


Mar 22, 2021


Whether it’s your business property or home, it’s that time of year to start thinking about what kind of impression you want to make this spring and summer. No matter where you are in Pennsylvania’s Delaware County— Swarthmore, Drexel Hill, Brookhaven/Upland, Glen Mills, Media, Newtown Township, or anywhere nearby—now’s the time to tend to your trees and shrubs.


For retail businesses, it’s well known that trees can make for a more welcoming and engaging setting, creating a great first impression on potential customers. They are also a wise investment for commercial property owners since well-tended and attractive trees might be what puts you over the top with would-be lessees. And if you manage a large workforce, having an exterior area for breaks might not only be attractive for potential employees but also a perk that heightens on-the-job satisfaction.


Trees add character, charm, and color to any property. Over the long-term, they increase the value of commercial properties across-the-board.


But for them to look their best—and be their safest—regular upkeep is part of the deal. Taking care of trees should simply be considered an aspect of maintaining one of your commercial assets.

Diseased or poorly rooted trees can come crashing down, liable to damage vehicles, windows, and electrical service cables—or, more seriously, employees or guests. Large limbs can do the same kind of damage. Taking the time and expense to ensure that trees on your property are healthy and sturdy is an investment well worth making.


Trees that are regularly and professionally maintained also live longer, more vigorous lives. If they flower, they will do so more fully and dramatically. Dangers like drought, disease, and insects can very well be prevented—or at least seriously curtailed—when trees are consistently cared for by the kind of specialists that Strobert Tree Services can provide.


And spring is a perfect time to have your trees serviced. Depending on the species, this may include pruning—though it’s better to wait for some types—and a full range of fertilization, mulching, diagnostic care, and the securing or trimming of any branches that may pose a hazard.

It’s also the best time to plant new trees. With months to go before going dormant, springtime planting gives trees the time they need to take root and prosper going forward.


And all of the above is also true for residential properties.


With the market for both rental properties and homes expected to be very strong as the repercussions of COVID-19 beginning to lessen—and interest rates expected to stay low for the foreseeable future—if you’re thinking of selling then you’ll want your property to look its best. Having your trees serviced, old stumps removed, and underbrush cleaned up is probably a wise expenditure before going on the market.


And if you aren’t planning on selling your home that means you’ll be staying put and living with it for a while. Don’t you want it to look its best?


Finally, whether you’re a homeowner or business proprietor, we all can agree that Delaware County is considered a beautiful area to live and work. Ensuring that your trees are a positive aspect of our area is just part of being a good citizen.



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