Tree Removal

We Bring Both Brain and Brawn to Tree Work


Dec 1, 2020 


No matter where in Delaware you are — New Castle County, Kent County, or Sussex County — Strobert Tree Services is here to help you with a wide range of tree cutting-related essentials. Whether that’s a tree removal due to disease or general foliage maintenance, we bring 20 years of experience to meet your needs. We also service the majority of Pennsylvania, Chester county, Montgomery county, bucks county, Delaware county. And almost full Maryland for tree service. We are near you tree service company.


Tree service work is an expansive field, embracing a full spectrum of skills and knowledge sets. These run the gamut from following methodical, scientific protocols to maintain a healthy ecosystem to adrenaline-inducing “in the air” work that features the cranes and chainsaws needed to orchestrate bringing a big tree down to earth.


When an ancient tree has begun to die — or is otherwise no longer safe — then the need for tree removal will require a crew that can do this dramatic job carefully. We’re fully insured and understand the well-honed deliberation required to handle even the largest trees. And don’t forget that taking down smaller trees — which may appear to be do-it-yourselfers — can quickly escalate into a dangerous situation when someone inexperienced with tree cutting makes a mistake.


Working at heights, power tools, the danger of falling debris, nearby power lines — you might just want to let us handle it.


But before taking a tree down comes keeping it — and its localized ecosystem — healthy. Our team is well versed in preventive and curative plant maintenance. We understand the fine arts of, among other things, deep root tree fertilization, integrated pest management (IPM), soil testing, and anti-desiccant sprays. We can analyze your property and do the things necessary to make it as healthy and beautiful as possible. Our team includes several certified arborists who have the professional experience and scientific knowledge required to improve any property.


Pruning is also part of long-term tree health. Like tree cutting, it demands careful decision-making and judicial cuts — and an understanding of which species should be pruned when during the seasonal cycle. Aspects of pruning include canopy thinning, canopy elevation, and crown cleaning — all of which are ways to maintain and lengthen the healthy lives of trees, shrubs, and the plants that share a piece of the earth with them.


Then there is stump grinding, which is — well — stump grinding. It’s a job utterly lacking in glamour; it sometimes just needs to get done. It’s also dirty, backbreaking, and probably not something your teenager will ever forgive you for making them help out with. Whether we’ve just taken down a tree for you or you’ve realized that having a big ‘ole stump in the backyard doesn’t actually add character to your home, we can get this job done for you and — if you want it — leave you with a big pile a beautiful mulch (or we can haul it away if that’s not your thing).


Our company was founded in the first year of this century and we’ve been at it in the state of Delaware ever since. We have the technical know-how, the equipment, and the experience needed to handle any tree-related job you may have, from ensuring the long-term health of your property to taking down a majestic old friend that may, unfortunately, come down onto your house in the next big storm.


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