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When Do Leaves Really Stop Falling?

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As the seasons change, one of the most visually striking signs is the transformation of lush green canopies into a vibrant tapestry of reds, oranges, and yellows before the leaves gracefully fall to the ground. This natural phenomenon marks the transition from summer to winter and raises curiosity about the science behind why and when leaves start to drop.


What Causes Leaves to Fall?

The process through which leaves detach from trees is known as abscission. This process is a tree's natural response to the changing environment, enabling it to conserve resources during the colder, less hospitable months. As daylight hours shorten and temperatures drop, trees form an abscission layer where the leaf stem meets the branch. This layer gradually severs the tissues supporting the leaf, ultimately causing it to fall.


When Do Leaves Start to Fall?

The timing of leaf fall varies significantly across different geographical locations and is influenced by several factors, including species, altitude, and the specific weather conditions of the year. Generally, in the Northern Hemisphere, leaves start to fall anytime from late September to November. This timeline can shift due to variations in weather patterns, with warmer temperatures potentially delaying the onset of leaf fall.


Peak Fall Foliage

Peak fall foliage, when leaves are at their most colorful, is a much-anticipated event in many parts of the world. This period typically occurs just before most leaves begin to fall when chlorophyll production slows down and the vibrant colors of fall emerge. The exact timing of peak foliage can vary yearly, influenced by the summer weather and the early autumn conditions. Ideal conditions for stunning fall colors include a warm, wet spring, a summer that's not too hot, and a fall with plenty of sunny days and cool, but not freezing, nights.


When Do the Leaves Stop Falling?

The end of the leaf-falling season is as variable as its start, generally concluding by late November or early December in most temperate regions. However, this process can extend into the winter months in areas with milder climates or specific tree species that retain their leaves longer. Deciduous trees that shed their leaves annually complete their cycle by the time winter fully sets in, while evergreens keep their foliage year-round, shedding only old leaves sporadically.


When Leaves Stop Falling in Each State


State Approximate Time Leaves Stop Falling


Late November
Alaska Early September
Arizona Early November (varies by elevation)
Arkansas Mid-November
California Early December (varies by region)
Colorado Late October
Connecticut Early November
Delaware Mid-November
Florida Late December
Georgia Late November
Hawaii N/A (varies significantly by area)
Idaho Late October
Illinois Early November
Indiana Early November
Iowa Early November
Kansas Mid-November
Kentucky Mid-November
Louisiana Early December
Maine Mid-October
Maryland Mid-November
Massachusetts Early November
Michigan Early November
Minnesota Late October
Mississippi Late November
Missouri Mid-November
Montana Early October
Nebraska Early November
Nevada Early November (varies by elevation)
New Hampshire Late October
New Jersey Mid-November
New Mexico Early November (varies by elevation)
New York Early November
North Carolina Late November
North Dakota Early October
Ohio Early November
Oklahoma Late November
Oregon Early December (varies by region)
Pennsylvania Early November
Rhode Island Early November
South Carolina Late November
South Dakota Late October
Tennessee Late November
Texas Early December
Utah Late October (varies by elevation)
Vermont Mid-October
Virginia Mid-November
Washington Early December (varies by region)
West Virginia Early November
Wisconsin Late October
Wyoming Early October


Contact Strobert Tree Services

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Understanding the cycle of leaf fall is essential for the appreciation of the seasonal beauty and the care and maintenance of trees. Whether you're a nature enthusiast eager to catch the peak fall foliage or a homeowner looking to keep your yard tidy, recognizing the signs and timing of this natural process can enhance your readiness and enjoyment of the season. And for those seeking professional assistance, contact Strobert Tree Services. We are ready to provide expert tree care across Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.


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