Land Clearing for the Entire East Coast

Our motto is “ Start building today, because Strobert cleared the way.”
We employ a team of heavy equipment service technicians that work directly with our equipment operators to ensure our machines are running at peak performance so we can get your land cleared fast. Our highly trained operators maximize production with specialized clearing equipment while maintaining a current EMR rating less than 1.


In accordance with the rules and regulations governed by the National Society of Arboriculture, Strobert’s crews are trained to prune trees at branch-level elevation to prevent disturbing pedestrian walkways and streets.


Our certified arborist team is qualified to offer advice on proper tree health and safety preservation plans.


Our advanced equipment enables us to transplant trees with a 95% reestablishment rate with little harm to the tree’s vital root structure.


Strobert Tree Services Inc. removes all trees and underbrush, extracts stumps and roots, processes 100% of the green material on site, and will stockpile, spread, or remove the processed material upon request.


No matter what sort of land clearing work you need, our team will devise a plan that is fast, safe, and cost-effective to get the job done well.


Our team has the resources to process large and small trees with a single low ground pressure machine that “mulches” the tree in place, leaving the forest floor undisturbed.


Tree removal in an urban environment presents different challenges than areas outside the city. Power lines and underground utilities need to be considered to ensure safe removal, which can be done with insulated high reach bucket trucks and cranes. This work is best completed at night to avoid disturbing pedestrian walkways and roads.


We’re proud to combine all of our skills and disciplines into a single force, making us optimally efficient. Our expertise also limits liability, as one source is ultimately responsible for all aspects of the project.


Equipment that empowers us to expertly execute each and every project.
Strobert Tree Services prides itself in our clean, safe, well-maintained heavy equipment that empowers us to expertly execute each and every project. We’re especially proud of the specialized attachments tailored to our machinery that allow us to meet the challenging issues faced on clearing in wet conditions and on slopes. We rely on the following to do our jobs thoroughly and efficiently:
  • Hydraulic excavators
  • Horizontal grinders
  • 75 foot Bucket trucks
  • Grapples
  • Flail mowers
  • Root rakes
  • Skidders
  • Grapple buckets
  • Track loaders
  • Dozers
  • Wheel loaders
  • Forestry mowers
  • Feller bunchers
  • Track skidders
  • Whole tree chippers
  • Water trucks
  • Forwarders

Health & Safety

Strobert Tree Services Inc., takes a proactive approach to occupational safety and health.
As best demonstrated by our 0.92C EMR, the safety and health of the employee, environment, and surrounding community are of primary concern on every project. We prioritize health and safety before deadlines or budgetary issues, and do not permit shortcuts when they involve the safety and health of the employee or the environment.

As projects and regulations have evolved, we’ve learned that even the best safety programs can easily grow stagnant. We are constantly working to eliminate complacency towards safety and to implement a culture of safety instead. We have adopted a Behavior-Based Safety Program (BBS) to empower our staff and embed safe work practices into everything we do.


Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) is a process that instills a higher commitment to safety by promoting proactive responses, building ownership, and developing opportunities that relate to the safety of employees and management. The idea stems from the concept that most accidents are due to unsafe behavior, and therefore changes to behavior may significantly reduce accident risk.Safe behaviors include following health and safety plans, using work practices that minimize risk, coaching others on safe behavior, and having safety as a priority over speed and convenience. Strobert Tree Services Inc. recognizes that in order for BBS to work, each employee must prioritize safety to the point where they feel responsible for the safety of their coworkers as well as themselves.

Let's build something great. Together.

Proudly Serving:

  • Delaware
  • Northern Maryland (Cecil County)
  • Southeastern Pennsylvania (including Delaware and Chester Counties)
  • Southern New Jersey
  • Virginia (Commercial Only)


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