Plant Healthcare


Plant Healthcare

Strobert’s Plant Health Care Program ensures the beauty and value of our client’s homes through preventive and curative plant maintenance. We do everything we can to catch plant problems early on and treat them as necessary to protect the landscape you’ve created.

Why is plant health care beneficial?

Treatments like soil injection fertilization and integrated pest management visits can lengthen the lifespan of your plants, allowing you to enjoy their beauty for years to come.

How can it help my landscape?

Our programs are tailored to your property’s individual needs, based on the plant material you have selected. Our initial consultation will consist of a full landscape evaluation in order to make the best recommendations.


We also offer the following programs to monitor the health of your plants throughout the season:
  • Deep root tree fertilization
  • Air spading
  • Integrated pest management (IPM)
  • Cambistat growth regulator
  • Dormant oil applications
  • Soil testing
  • Root collar excavations
  • Anti-desiccant sprays
  • Invasive Pest Control Programs
  • Corrective pruning
Top 5 Diseases

1. Anthracnose – Leaf Spot

Sycamore, Dogwoods

2. Rust – Fungal Infection

Apples, Cedar, Ash, Juniper

3. Needle Cast

Spruce, Douglas Fir

5. Cankers – Infection on the trunk and twigs

Beech – Oak – Maple – Plum – Stone Fruits

Top 7 Pests

2. Bagworms

Arborvitaes – Leyland Cypress – Juniper

3. SLF – Spotted Lantern Fly

Fruits – Maples – Ailanthus

4. Bores

Ash – Maple – Oak – Stone Fruits

5. Caterpillars – Tent or Fall Webworm

Locust – Fruits – Maple – Others

6. Aphids

Smaller herbaceous plants – will also infest trees

7. Mites

Dwarf Alberta Spruce – Other Pines

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