Pruning to promote a healthy and beautiful landscape
Our experts understand that pruning requires a high level of skill, and they are mindful of every single cut.
Making sure your trees are pruned at the right time of year can make a difference in the lifetime of your trees and shrubs. If pruning is done at the wrong point in the season, the fresh cuts could be an invitation for insects and disease that can quickly kill a tree of any age.

Pruning at the right time also allows sunlight into the canopy to encourage growth and improves the overall look and feel of your landscape.

Trimming Services

Canopy thinning, canopy elevation, and crown cleaning are trimming services we recommend to keep your trees and shrubs both neat and thriving:
  • Canopy thinning allows air circulation and helps to prevent breakage during high winds.
  • Canopy elevation removes limbs from the lower canopy to allow for street and walkway clearance.
  • Crown cleaning removes deadwood throughout the tree to prevent hazardous branches from falling on surrounding property. It removes possible avenues and vetors for insect and disease infestations.

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