Strobert is fully licensed and insured to protect our employees and our clients. We hope you’ll partner with us on your next project, but if you choose to work with another company, make sure they provide you with a copy of their insurance to ensure they have the correct coverage.

Residential tree services

Our goal is always to create a beautiful property that fulfils your landscaping dreams. We’ll make those dreams come true through services including:


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At Strobert Tree Services we truly value the relationships we have with our clients. It is very important that the client understands our process completely before the work begins. Below you will find “need to know” information on what to expect when working with our team.

Once we have received a copy of your signed proposal along with a 30% deposit, we turn your proposal into an active work order for the scheduling team. The work orders are scheduled in the order they are received. The scheduling team will only tell you approximately what week your job is likely to be scheduled, but no dates will be firm until the day before your service is scheduled.

Strobert Tree’s expert teams are providing you with a safe professional service. Most tree removal jobs will take more than several days to complete. The following paragraphs provide a “what to expect” process break down. Please read carefully.

Our pruning crew will complete the project and remove all trimmings while the crew is at your house. If there is any lawn damage that would not be considered “normal wear and tear”, a different crew that installs topsoil and seed will be dispatched within the next several days to complete the repair.

Tree removals involve several crews as each crew specializes in a different area of the removal process. The following is what you can expect depending on the options you have chosen. The tree removal crew will come to your house first to safely take down your tree(s). Each crew has an experienced crew leader that can answer any questions you may have while on site. Please allow several days and up to a week or more depending on the weather after the tree take down is completed for the removal of the logs and other options you selected to be completed.

Strobert Tree works with many of our clients each week that have accepted a proposal. We schedule services each day for the following day based on last minute weather and crew location logistics. (Rush hour traffic and other factors are all taken into consideration carefully and in accordance with the proposal we have provided for your project). In order for our process to work well for everyone, we need you to be able to accept the service date we give you with a one-day notice from our scheduling team.

If there are any factors that would make it impossible for our scheduling process to work for your project, please call and discuss this with the scheduling team before committing to move forward with your service.

You should not sign our proposal unless our scheduling process will work for you or you have worked out special terms with the scheduling department that need to be incorporated into your proposal before you sign.

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