Tree Pruning

Pruning to promote a healthy landscape

Tree pruning that is completed at the right time of the season can truly make a difference in the lifetime of your trees and shrubs. Improper tree trimming, however, can cause wounds that take a great deal of energy to heal. This makes the tree susceptible to insects and disease that can quickly kill off even a mature tree in this state.

Benefits of Tree Trimming Services

  • Canopy Thinning – Allows air circulation and helps to prevent breakage during high winds.
  • Canopy Elevation – Removes limbs from the lower canopy to allow for street and walkway clearance.
  • Deadwooding – Removes deadwood 2 inches and larger throughout the tree to help prevent hazardous branches from falling on surrounding property. This also helps prevent the spread of insects and disease.

Professional Results
Tree pruning services also promote healthy growth by allowing sunlight into the canopy of a tree, and can be used to encourage flowering and production of fruit. Proper tree pruning improves the overall look and feel of your landscape. Pruning requires a high level of skill, and should be completed by an expert to ensure property cuts are made, that will not put the tree into decline.