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Restoring the Trails: Strobert Tree Services in Pike County's Bushkill Falls

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One of Strobert's team members carefully navigates the wooden stairway along Pike County's Bushkill Falls with the remains of a hazardous tree on his shoulder. Beyond capturing a moment of  impressive physical exertion; this photo aptly depicts the Strobert ethos—taking stewardship of land and community into our own hands (and doing the legwork, too!)

Nestled in the lush forests of Pike County, Pennsylvania, Bushkill Falls is a natural gem known affectionately as the "Niagara of Pennsylvania." Its cascading waters and scenic trails draw visitors from near and far, eager to experience the tranquility of nature's handiwork. However, nature can sometimes present challenges, as was the case when several hazard trees and a large fallen trunk threatened the safety of the trails and the continuity of the visitor experience.


Enter Strobert Tree Services, a name synonymous with environmental care and community safety in Pike County and the Philadelphia Mainline. Our recent undertaking at Bushkill Falls was not just a job—it was a demonstration of our expertise and commitment to the land and its people.


The task was clear but not simple: remove 4 hazardous trees and the large fallen timber obstructing the gorge's walkway. This was a job requiring not just chainsaws and gloves but also rigorous planning, skill, precision, and meticulous attention to safety. Our team, equipped with helmets, harnesses, and the best climbing gear, assessed the situation with consideration to the health of the forest, the needs of visitors to the falls, and the safety of all parties involved. The trees were carefully and safely felled and secured to be lifted out by helicopter shortly afterward to ensure that Bushkill Falls would greet the spring season with its walkways clear and its visitors' path secure. 

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Bushkill Falls Tree Tying.jpg

A lone professional high amidst the bare winter branches, securing one of the hazardous trees to begin the careful removal process. Working at such heights, our arborists display a ballet of balance and control, ensuring that each limb is removed without undue damage to the forest or the staircase.

With the fallen trees and debris safely lowered from their precarious perches, the trails of Bushkill Falls are now secure for all who come seeking the peace only nature can provide. The expertise of Strobert's Tree Removal Service has once again been put to the test, and the result is a safer, more accessible natural sanctuary.

Our work at Bushkill Falls is a testament to our pledge to Pike County—a vow to protect and serve both its land and its people. At Strobert Tree Services, we don't just cut trees; we care for the environment and foster community connections. The walkways of Bushkill Falls are open, the paths are clear, and the falls await your visit. Come witness the harmony of nature and stewardship, and know that when you call on us, you're calling on a company that stands for more than just tree service—we're a part of the community, dedicated to preserving the beauty and safety of our shared environment.

Visit Bushkill Falls this spring to experience the splendor of the season and see the results of our work. And should you need expert tree services that put community and environment first, reach out to Strobert Tree Services. We're here to ensure that the land we all love remains a source of pride and joy for generations to come.

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