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Strobert has served the Brandywine Valley since 2000, and we’re proud of the reputation we’ve earned from years of providing top-quality tree service in West Chester. Our local arborists aren't just familiar with local varieties of trees; we’ve grown up with them and been inspired to study them and understand the specific care they need. When storms blow through the valley, West Chester relies on Strobert to take care of trees and property. It's this trust that keeps us committed to providing comprehensive, timely, professional tree services to our neighbors.

Strobert is dedicated to quality and professionalism in our tree services. Our training and equipment are held to the highest standard. Our entire team of arborists is ISA-Certified, and our top-of-the-line cranes, saws, and grinders are meticulously maintained and always at the ready, ensuring we’re efficient, safe, and effective, with as little impact to your property as possible.

Whether in West Chester or at home in Wilmington, we take great pride in our tree service work, and customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do. Every job, whether it's clearing a plot for new construction, or tending to a 150-yer old tree, is undertaken as an act of caring for the land and environment, which we are dedicated to preserving. We don’t just look at the tasks at hand; we consider the long-term health and vitality of your trees and landscape. That's why we take extra care in the wise use of resources. The wood waste from our jobs isn’t just discarded; we repurpose it into firewood and mulch. It's our way of completing the cycle of care—what comes from the community, benefits the community.

Throughout the Brandywine Valley, Strobert is known for more than our services; we’re recognized for being a part of the local community, trusted for our consistent and honest work. After all, West Chester is just upstream from home. It’s our mission to not just meet customer expectations, but to be recognized as stewards of the land, whether residential, commercial, or wild. 

Check out our services below, or get in touch to get an estimate today!

Tree Services in West Chester, Pennsylvania

24 Hour Emergency Tree Services in West Chester, Pennsylvania in West Chester, Pennsylvania

24 Hour Emergency Tree Services

We offer emergency tree services to quickly handle sudden tree incidents in and around West Chester. From storm damage to fallen trees and dangerous hanging branches, we respond promptly and efficiently to protect your family and property and restore peace of mind so you can get on with your life.

Tree Removal in West Chester, Pennsylvania

Tree Removal and Lot Clearing

Strobert delivers professional tree removal services in West Chester, focusing on safety, effectiveness, and eco-friendliness. From eliminating dangerous trees to making room for new developments, we guarantee a seamless operation with the least disruption, repurposing waste into firewood and mulch.

Stump Grinding in West Chester, Pennsylvania

Stump Grinding

We efficiently and safely remove unsightly stumps - new or old - enhancing your property's beauty and safety. Trust our expertise to restore your landscape's natural charm without undue damage to your lawn or driveway. 

Tree Trimming in West Chester, Pennsylvania

Tree Trimming

We provide expert tree trimming to get rid of risky or overhanging branches, keeping your family and property safe. Our well-trained team makes sure the job is done safely and looks good, helping your trees stay healthy and making your property look great.

Tree Pruning in West Chester, Pennsylvania

Tree Pruning 

Our tree pruning service focuses on enhancing tree health and structural integrity. Years of local experience in the Brandywine Valley helps us tailor our methods to each tree's needs, whether for routine maintenance or intensive corrective care, ensuring your landscape's beauty and the vitality of your trees.

Plant Health Care Service in West Chester, Pennsylvania

Plant Health Care Services

Alongside our tree services, we provide comprehensive plant care in West Chester, ensuring that all aspects of your landscape, from shrubs to flowers, thrive. Our plant experts employ eco-friendly practices for everything from routine maintenance to pest management, fostering a balanced and flourishing ecosystem.

Tree Cabling in West Chester, Pennsylvania

Tree Cabling

Our tree cabling services are designed to keep your trees healthy and your property and family safe. We carefully set up supportive systems that are gentle on the trees but effective in reducing risks, helping your trees grow strong and stay a safe, beautiful part of your yard.

Storm Damage Response in West Chester, Pennsylvania

Storm Damage Response

After storms, our team of professional arborists efficiently handles tree damage and debris cleanup. We ensure your outdoor space is safe and restored, providing necessary trimming or removal services so you can focus on what matters most

Kiln Dried Firewood in West Chester, Pennsylvania

Kiln Dried Firewood

Feel the difference with our selection of premium kiln-dried firewoods. Our wood is drier, lighter, easier to light, and burns hotter and cleaner than regular seasoned firewood. Kiln dried means low moisture, so no bugs, mold, or fungus. Chunk and solid cut options. Delivery available. Shop our selection today and enjoy efficient, low-smoke wood for your home, camp, or fire pit year-round.

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Setting the Standard

Strobert is West Chester’s First Choice for Tree Care

ISA-Certified Arborists
Having ISA certification signifies a high level of expertise, a deep understanding of the field, and a commitment to professional standards. Our arborists are skilled in the right ways to prune trees for both health and looks. They're also knowledgeable about a wide range of tree types, enabling them to confidently evaluate tree risks. Moreover, as ISA-certified professionals, they advocate for tree preservation, conservation, and sustainable management practices.
Locally owned and operated
We have been maintaining the beautiful landscapes of West Chester for years along with the rest of the Tri-State area. Founded in Wilmington in 2000, our passion for serving land and community has only grown since. 
Cutting-edge equipment
We make sure our equipment is always in top shape by regularly inspecting, repairing, upgrading, and replacing it as needed. Plus, we entrust it only to our team of trained professionals.
FREE no obligation consultations with our experts
We offer FREE no obligation consultations with our expert arborists, providing you with valuable insights and tailored recommendations for your trees.
A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau
Our team, highly trained and boasting an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, is dedicated to surpassing your expectations. We're also here for you with 24-hour emergency services for those unexpected moments. Our goal is to provide a hassle-free experience for every client, every time.
Fully licensed, bonded and insured
Choosing a licensed, bonded, and insured tree service gives customers extra reassurance. This means the company meets certain standards, offers financial safeguards, and has the appropriate insurance to deal with any problems that might come up while they're working.
Strobert Tree low impact crane
Strobert Tree low impact crane in West Chester, Pennsylvania
Certified arborist
Delaware Department of Agriculture logo
Certified Tree care
Accredited Tree care industry logo
Certified arborist
Delaware Department of Agriculture logo
Certified Tree care
Accredited Tree care industry logo
Portrait of local arborist Bill Johnston

Meet an arborist

My name is Bill Johnston. I’m an ISA-certified arborist from Pennsylvania and Delaware and have been in the tree care industry for over 35 years. I owned and operated my own tree care company before coming to Strobert Tree Service. Since then, I have focused on what I genuinely enjoy: educating the customer about the health and safety of their trees and shrubs.

I grew up in Haverford, PA, and graduated from Villanova University with a B.A. in 1987. I live in the West Chester area with my wife and three kids, two of whom are currently in college. 

I look forward to meeting you at your property.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Check out why Strobert is among Southeast PA's most trusted Tree Service Companies:

Frequently Asked Question From Customers

How can I get a consultation?
Click any of the pretty green buttons on the page above, or click here to contact us and schedule a consultation. Just give us a call, and after we chat, we'll be out to assess your property at the earliest opportunity.
What kind of equipment do you use, and how does it affect my property?
At Strobert, we use a variety of specialized equipment including chainsaws, pole saws, tree chippers, stump grinders, and aerial lifts or bucket trucks for tall trees. Our team is highly trained in the use of this equipment to ensure safety and efficiency. We use protective barriers when needed to minimize any potential damage to your property, and always conduct a thorough cleanup as the last step in the job.
How long does it typically take to remove a tree?
The time it takes to remove a tree can vary greatly depending on the size of the tree, its location, its health and structural stability, and access limitations. A small, accessible tree might be removed in an hour or two, while a large, complex removal in a confined space can take a full day or more. Every tree is unique, and an on-site estimate is the best way to determine the time required.
Are you and your team certified arborists? What does that mean exactly?
Certified arborists have passed comprehensive exams covering all aspects of tree care, maintain their certification through ongoing education, and adhere to a Code of Ethics, ensuring knowledgeable and professional service.
Is your tree service insured? What does that coverage entail?
Yes, we are fully insured, which covers any damage to your property during our services, and provides worker's compensation in case of any worker injuries.
How much does it cost to have a tree pruned or removed?
The cost of tree services varies depending on the specific task. For instance, tree removal is typically more expensive than pruning. Factors influencing cost include the size and location of the tree, the tree's health and stability, and any access limitations. Other potential costs include stump grinding or wood chipping. It's always best to get a written estimate before work begins.
How do you ensure the safety of my property and your workers when removing a tree?
We ensure safety by adhering to the industry's best practices, which include using appropriate safety equipment, like helmets, safety glasses, gloves, and safety harnesses when working at heights. We set up safety barriers when necessary to protect people and property in the work area. We also conduct a job hazard analysis before starting work to identify any potential risks and take appropriate measures to manage them.
What happens to the wood and debris after you prune or remove a tree?
After pruning or removal, the wood and other debris are typically chipped on-site into wood chips or mulch, which can be used in your landscape or removed from the property. Larger pieces of wood can often be cut into firewood-sized lengths for your use or removed as well. We strive to leave your property clean and tidy.
How can I tell if my tree has been damaged by a storm, and what should I do?
Signs of storm damage to a tree can include broken or hanging branches, split trunks, a shift in the tree's lean, or partial or complete uprooting. After a storm, ensure safety by keeping a distance from the damaged tree, especially if there are hanging branches or if the tree is near utility lines. Contact a professional arborist to assess the damage and determine the best course of action, which could include pruning, cabling, or tree removal.